Every Christian should take the oppurtunity to witness through tracts.

Why Tracts?

Short messages can go a long way in turning people to the Lord. Remember Jonah’s eight word sermon and the effect his short message has on the city of Ninevah. (Jonah 3:4-5)

God planted a tract for Hudson Taylor to read and Hudson Taylor planted the Gospel for the millions in China.

Tracts go everywhere, they are found in many places, letterboxes, phone booths, buses, trains, toilets,  planes, schools and universities etc.

Tracts can even last for centuries and go from house to house and generation to generation.

Tracts can do the witnessing for us at a time and place that may suit the reader.

Tracts don’t get into arguments; they just state their case and leave the results to the Lord.

…Freely ye have received, freely give. (Matthew 10:8)