Gospel Tracts

Our Gospel tracts deal with various subjects!

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Please watch our HISWORDMEDIA video below which outlines our work from design to delivery and how you can easily reach your community with our Gospel tracts.

Tract Samples

Investigation Tract 

At His Word Media we have created a special Investigation Tract for presenting the Gospel.

This tract is designed so that the receiver will definitely open the tract out of curiosity. 

Easy to Distribute

We intend to produce an ever growing range of outstanding  tracts that simply explain biblical truths.

Many people will read a well illustrated tract with a short relevant message. 

World In Crisis

This tract describes the difficulties that the whole world is experiencing.

Fortunately there is hope real hope still today in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Tourism Tracts

 Tourist Tracts can be especially designed for various States and towns throughout Australia.

True Stories

We have a range of tracts that present the Gospel clearly using true stories in history.